Members of the board Mr. Maidu Saar and Mr. Johann-Aksel Tarbe as well as the CEO Mr. Kalle Karron met the president of the European Federation of Engineering Consultancy Associations (EFCA) Mr. Kevin Ruden in Europe to discuss cooperation opportunities and the EAACEC potentially joining the European organisation. In addition to president Ruden, the member of the board of EFCA Mr. Kimmo Fischer and its secretary general Mr. Jan Van der Putten also attended the meeting. 

The Estonian delegation ensured the participation of Mr. Oskars Zivtiņš, representative of the Latvian industry association LIKA, in the meeting. President Ruden acknowledged the cooperation of the Baltic states and the organisation of the annual meeting of Baltic consulting engineers. He said that he had intended to take part in the EAACEC’s spring meeting in Tartu, but, unfortunately, could not come to Estonia for the occasion.

Mr. Kevin Ruden introduced EFCA’s main goals and the activities from which national industry associations can benefit (by now, 26 states have joined the ECFA). He noted that the work targeting the European Commission and various European Union institutions with a view to exert a positive influence on the preparation of the EU legislation and implementation of changes affecting the interests of consulting engineers was especially important. In its turn, the delegation from Estonia and Latvia shared information about the current events in the respective industry associations and countries.

President Ruden said that he was glad the meeting had taken place and hoped that EFCA’s cooperation with the Baltic industry associations would become closer, encouraging them to join the EFCA. 

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On the photo (from left): Johann-Aksel Tarbe, Kimmo Fischer, Oskars Zivtiņš, Kalle Karron, Maidu Saar, Jan Van der Putten, Kevin Ruden